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Wellness Matters At Woodland PD

The rigors of police work will challenge your mental and physical strength.

Yet, there are things we do as an organization to help you.

That’s where our Wellness Program comes in. We invest in a holistic approach to your health so you can be at your best.

Paid On-duty Workout






Employee Fitness

The Woodland Police Department promotes and encourages the improved health and wellbeing of all department employees. Full-time, on-duty employees are permitted 120 minutes of workout time per week. 


Not only do we carve out the time, we also provide the facilities and equipment to help our staff stay in tip-top shape.

At Woodland PD, you'll have access to:

  • On-site gym

  • Cardio room

  • Professional grade workout equipment

  • Locker Rooms

  • Showers

  • Clean towels

  • Drinking water

We sweat the small stuff so you don't have to worry about it. ​

gym 2.jpg

Peer Support for Employees and Family Members

Work and life can be hard. Sometimes, talking can help. We have you covered.

The Woodland Police Department recognizes the value of providing an "in-house" resource for employees and their family members to support them in managing both professional and personal crisis.  

The Peer Support Team will assist you with any issues you may be having during and after a critical incident, or while you’re going through a difficult time in life.

Your loved ones also have access to peer support. We’re here to help you clarify your concerns and explore your available resources.

Lindblad and Carlos.JPG

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

When you or your family members need a professional counseling service, the City-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers five face-to-face counseling sessions and unlimited telephone consultations.

Additionally, the City EAP provides guidance and referrals via telephone to help with all sorts of work and life challenges, such as:

  • Financial Service (credit counseling, debt and budgeting assistance, financial planning for college, retirement planning, etc.)

  • Legal Service (personal and family law, real estate, etc.)

  • Work-life Balance (identifying childcare and eldercare resources, finding a reliable plumber, etc.)

Chaplaincy Program

Our 5 volunteer Chaplains provide non-denominational spiritual and emotional support to our employees and their families.


Financial Well-being

Planning for the future is not easy, and we want to help you stay financially fit.

In addition to the financial services provided by the City EAP, we arrange 1:1 meetings with various company representatives on a regular basis to help employees plan for retirement.

Resiliency Room

The Woodland Police Department has a relaxing and private resiliency room for employees to utilize as needed. 

The room is painted in a relaxing tone with adjustable LED color change lighting. Equipped with a full body massage chair, this room allows for employee decompression. 

Massage Chair.JPG
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