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Continue to Serve

You have served your country. Now you're looking for a career that enables you to put your best foot forward, and perhaps establish roots for your family.

We value your skills. We want to help you achieve your goals. By working together we can help you reach your full potential.

You're all about serving others. 

You’ve acquired valuable qualities in your fatigues: discipline, teamwork, rising to the occasion.

Above all, you hold yourself to high standards.

You are looking for a career that you can excel in and continue to make a difference. 

Look no further than the Woodland Police Department. An exciting career in law enforcement will help you to reach your full potential. 

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Salary: A Step: $6,703.59 Mo – G Step $8,983.46 Mo

Retirement:  Public Employees' Retirement System using the 2.7% at 57 formula.  Current members of CalPERS may be eligible for the 3% at 55 formula.

Medical Plan:  CalPERS medical Insurance Plans, including HMO's and PPO's.  City provides an allowance towards the cost of insurance.

Life Insurance:  $50,000 Life insurance policy.

Dental/Vision:   Group dental/vision insurance plan provided by City.

Long-term Disability Plan:  Wage protection plan for long-term disabilities.

Vacation:  6.7 hours per month for the first three years of service; 8.7 hours per month from 4 to 5 years; 10 hours per month from 6 to 10 years; 12 hours per month from 11 to 15; 14 hours per month after 16 years of service.

Holidays:  Since sworn officers may be required to work on authorized holidays, 8.3 hours leave per month is added to vacation leave in lieu of holiday time off.

Sick Leave:  10 hours per month, unlimited accumulation. Upon service retirement, unused sick leave time is converted into service time for retirement calculations.

Uniform Allowances: Newly appointed police officers are provided body armor, uniforms, rain gear, and duty equipment.

Certificate Pay: Eligible officers may received additional salary based on possession of certificates issued by Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) Agency (2.5% increase for an intermediate certificate, 4% for an advanced certificate, and 2.5% increase for a Bachelors Degree).

Field Training Officer Pay:  Field Training Officers will receive an additional 7.5% of base pay for the pay period while they have a trainee.

Bilingual Pay:  If approved, eligible Officers able to pass a language proficiency test (able to accurately translate conversations) will receive an additional $200 per month.

Longevity Pay:  Additional 2.5% of base pay after 12 years of service to the City of Woodland and an additional 5% after 17 years of service to the City of Woodland.


For further information regarding pay and benefits, visit the City Of Woodland Human Resources web page at:

Exciting Work

Like the military, this is not a nine-to-five job. Our shift schedule is four days on, three days off, 10 hours per shift. At Woodland PD, your police work doesn’t stop with the yellow tape. When fighting community crimes, we encourage and equip our Police Officers to investigate cases themselves, not just secure the crime scene for handoff to a Detective.

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Grow Professionally


We believe in life-long learning. Toward this end, we will train you — and not just through the Academy. We provide numerous training opportunities.

If you aspire to be a Police K-9 handler, we have K-9 team opportunities where you can attend training and learn what it takes to be a handler. Or if you want to specialize in traffic, we have a course on street racing enforcement training — no “fast and furious” on our turf.

Stay Fit

We pay you to work out. 

Full-time, on-duty employees are permitted 120 minutes of workout time per week.

With our in house gym featuring professional equipment, working out has never been easier. It’s our way of recognizing the importance of fitness in this job.


We also have spacious lockers, showers and provide the towels! On the surface, this might not sound like a big deal. How hard is it to bring your own towel to a workout?

Yet, it becomes a hassle over time. 

Our mentality is to do everything possible — ranging from the major to the minor stuff — so you can focus on your job.

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Police Car Lights

We invite and encourage you to reach out to our Recruitment Team to learn more about how you can become a part of the

Woodland PD family. 

Not All Police Agencies
are Created Equal

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