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See yourself at Woodland PD.

This is your chance to be picky.

Real Police Work that Includes Investigating

A Community that Stands Beside You

Numerous Specialty and Auxiliary Assignment Opportunities

Opportunities for Career Advancement

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Police Officer - Lateral

$6,572.15 - $8,807.32 Monthly

The Woodland Police Department serves a diverse community and exists to improve the quality of life in Woodland. The department is committed to working with our community members to solve problems together. The City of Woodland Police Department is looking for experienced Lateral Police Officers.  

Police Officers are expected to perform a wide variety of sworn peace officer duties involving the protection of life and property; to maintain order and preserve peace; to provide assistance to the public; to perform law enforcement and crime prevention work; respond to emergency and non-emergency situations; arrest violators of the law; to conduct investigations and perform other related duties. VIEW FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

This position is represented by the Woodland Police Officer's Association (WPOA) and receives an excellent benefits package, including:

  • Indoor range and training facility, including mat room, 25 yard indoor range, and fully stocked firearm cleaning stations. 

  • Deferred Comp 457(b) plan

  • Gym available for on-duty use 

  • Medical Plan: CalPERS medical insurance plans, including HMO's and PPO's. City provides an allowance towards the cost of insurance.

  • Life Insurance:  $50,000 Life insurance policy.

  • Dental/Vision:   Group dental/vision insurance plan provided by City.

  • Long-term Disability Plan:  Wage protection plan for long-term disabilities.

  • Vacation: 6.7 hours per month for the first three years of service; 8.7 hours per month from 4 to 5 years; 10 hours per month from 6 to 10 years; 12 hours per month from 11 to 15; 14 hours per month after 16 years of service.

  • Holidays:  Since sworn officers may be required to work on authorized holidays, 8.3 hours of leave per month is added to vacation leave in lieu of holiday time off.

  • Sick Leave:  8 hours per month, unlimited accumulation. Upon service retirement, unused sick leave time is converted into service time for retirement calculations.

  • Uniform Allowances: Newly appointed police officers are provided body armor, uniforms, rain gear, and duty equipment.

  • Certificate Pay: Eligible officers may receive an additional salary based on possession of certificates issued by Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) Agency (2.5% increase for an Intermediate certificate, 4% for an Advanced certificate, and 2.5% increase for a Bachelors Degree). 

  • Field Training Officer Pay: Field Training Officers will receive an additional 7.5% of base pay for the pay period while they have a trainee.

  • Bilingual Pay: If approved, eligible Officers able to pass a language proficiency test (able to accurately translate conversations) will receive an additional $200 per month.

  • Longevity Pay:  Additional 2.5% of base pay after 12 years of service to the City of Woodland and an additional 2.5% after 17 years of service to the City of Woodland.

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