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Applicant Ride Along Program

In order to Ride Along as an applicant, you must have a City of Woodland / CalOpps application submitted.


*If you have not submitted an application, please complete the general Woodland Police Department Ride-Along Program Application at

Applicant Ride-Along Program Application

This form should be completed when requesting to do a Ride-Along with the Woodland Police Department. This is solely a request for permission to accompany a member(s) of the Woodland Police Department during the active performance of their official duties as a police officer(s). Completing this application does not ensure the ability to do a ride-along. You will be contacted by the department with the outcome once the application has been reviewed and processed.

After your Ride-Along Program Application is submitted, it will be reviewed. You will be contacted with the outcome of your application. For questions regarding your submitted application, please contact Sergeant Towle at (530)661-7884 or

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