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You Did It!

You completed the Police Academy (or are currently enrolled)

and looking to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

You are ready for a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Well, look no further than the Woodland Police Department.

Your search stops now - you have found your home. 

Salary: $6,703.59-$8,983.46 a month 

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We want you on our team.

The City of Woodland Police Department is looking for candidates who possess a current California POST Basic Academy Certificate or are currently enrolled in a California POST basic police academy.  Police Officer positions with the City of Woodland are filled from an eligibility list.

Ideal Candidate

Age:  Must be 21 years of age.

Education: High School diploma or equivalent.

Citizenship: A candidate must be legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law at the time of appointment.

Possess:  California POST Basic Academy Certificate or Enrolled in a POST Basic Police Academy.


Why Woodland PD?

Woodland Police Department is innovative and forward-thinking. We are a family that cares about all our members. 

  • We have a comprehensive community relations program to enhance visibility and trust, reduce crime and empower the public. We care about our community and our community cares about us. Police Officers are valued and appreciated in Woodland. In fact, our Volunteers in Policing Program has on average 50 active community members.

  • We provide compassionate service being mindful of the needs of our diverse community. We operate with empathy, respect, and integrity. 

  • We value technology. We utilize body-worn cameras, electronic ticket writers, LPR, and have a drone team. And that is just the beginning...

  • We value teamwork, creativity, and transparency through utilizing social media. We have close to 30,000 followers on Facebook in a community of 65,000 people.

  • Wellness is a priority. Physical and mental wellness is a top priority for our department. We have a robust mental wellness program to include peer support, MHN, and a Chaplaincy program. Physical health is valued as well with paid workout time, a full gym, and a resiliency room that includes a massage chair.

  • We love Training at Woodland PD. We have a training manager and training plan for all positions within the department. We ensure that you are up-to-date with not only the required training but the needed training as well. We complete EVOC training every two years. Fun fact - Woodland PD has a four-stall 25 yard indoor range facility with fully stocked firearm cleaning stations. 

  • We have a variety of Specialty and Auxiliary assignments: SWAT, CNT, Bike Team, K-9, HOST, Corporal, CSI, Detective, Gang Task Force... the list goes on. 

  • Shift Differential Pay of 2% (swing shift) and 3% (grave & cover shifts) for regularly assigned schedules. The percentage is of their base rate of pay for all regularly scheduled hours worked on the assigned shift.

  •  We want you to succeed. We want you to grow in the profession. We want to help you achieve your goal of being a police officer.


Honestly, there are too many reasons to list why Woodland PD should be your choice when considering which law enforcement family to join. However, we would love to give you the full list and start a discussion. Contact our recruitment team today to learn more and find out the steps in joining Woodland PD.  

Let's talk about benefits.

Salary: A Step: $6,703.59 Monthly – G Step $8,983.46 Monthly

Retirement: Public Employees' Retirement System using the 2.7% at 57 formula. Current members of CalPERS may be eligible for the 3% at 55 formula.

Medical Plan: CalPERS medical Insurance Plans, including HMO's and PPO's.  City provides an allowance towards the cost of insurance.


Life Insurance: $50,000 Life insurance policy.


Dental/Vision: Group dental/vision insurance plan provided by City.


Long-term Disability Plan:  Wage protection plan for long-term disabilities.


Vacation: 6.7 hours per month for the first three years of service; 8.7 hours per month from 4 to 5 years; 10 hours per month from 6 to 10 years; 12 hours per month from 11 to 15; 14 hours per month after 16 years of service.


Holidays: Since sworn officers may be required to work on authorized holidays, 8.3 hours leave per month is added to vacation leave in lieu of holiday time off.


Sick Leave: 10 hours per month, unlimited accumulation. Upon service retirement, unused sick leave time is converted into service time for retirement calculations.


Uniform Allowances: Newly appointed police officers are provided body armor, uniforms, rain gear, and duty equipment.


Certificate Pay:   Eligible officers may received additional salary based on possession of certificates issued by Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) Agency (2.5% increase for an intermediate certificate, 4% for an advanced certificate, and 2.5% increase for a Bachelors Degree).


Field Training Officer Pay:  Field Training Officers will receive an additional 7.5% of base pay for the pay period while they have a trainee.


Bilingual Pay: If approved, eligible Officers able to pass a language proficiency test (able to accurately translate conversations) will receive an additional $200 per month.


Longevity Pay: Additional 2.5% of base pay after 12 years of service to the City of Woodland and an additional 5% after 17 years of service to the City of Woodland.


For further information regarding pay and benefits, visit the City Of Woodland Human Resources web page at:



Selection Process

An official City of Woodland application form must be filled out in its entirety. As applications from candidates are received, they will be screened based on: ability to follow direction, completeness, spelling, neatness, job qualifications, employment history, background questionnaire, and specific abilities. Only a select number of qualified candidates will be invited to participate in the examination process which will include an essay examination and an oral panel interview. Those candidates successfully passing all phases of the examination process will be placed on a Police Officer eligibility list for further consideration by the Chief of Police. Candidates selected by the Chief of Police for hire must successfully complete and pass: a background investigation, psychological testing, and a pre-employment medical examination.       

What are you waiting for?
Contact a Recruiter Today!

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